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A study of a 1920’s beauty… I love painting in BW.

(My source  image)


Some odds and ends Iv been up to lately:


First… an odd guy who ended up nailed to a plank for no particular reason. One of those where the painting kinda directs you.



Another one, started as a speedpaint and ended up as a teddybear massacre…


And lastly, a forest painting done in oils referencing an iphone pic I took a while back.

I took part in this years Illustration Masterclass and had a ball… what an incredible meeting of creative heads! It was so much fun and I really got into painting in oils… I have only really ever done plein air before this, so it was a very interesting experience. Here are all the steps the painting went through…

This one was done from the beach a few minutes walk from my house in Brighton Le Sands. Oil on canvas.

And this one was done in the pouring rain from up the coast on the same shoreline… the same huge refinery is kind of visible, but it was raining so hard that my pallette box was actually half a centimetre underwater by the end… the painting was streaming with water all the way through.

lifedrawing at the Society of Illustraitors in New York.

This one is a drawing I did for Ian McCaig’s workshop in sydney… This was an idea for a super intelligent rat from the Pied Piper of Hamlyn… SciFi style.

Been a bit inspired by Min Yum’s latest artworks… 🙂 Did something that was a bit more fun with brushes and colours than usual… loosening up a bit.

Something I did in a bit of a rush for the Gorilla Artfare book. Im sad I had to rush it, but thats life!

A quick sketch I did cause I like storm clouds…

and more sketchbook stuff, some cool, some cruddy:

Just playing with random marks and seeing what came from them…

Iv been a bit inspired to play with type again so I thought I would bring some into a painting inspired by some shoot photos I found of Angalina Jolie in 1920’s getup. 🙂

Here are some Paintings I did on my nintendo DS in the new and old versions of colors…

A forest stream nearby where I am staying.

A plant in a window of the cafe I had brakfast in yesterday

Another part of that same forest walk

A DS painting I did from memory of the lake… the oil is further down in a previous post.

and finally, a study from a photo I took in the galapagos.

I have been trying to work on big simple shape compositions… here is something that came out of explaining an idea I had.

Here is a plein air oil painting I did on a recent holiday… It was fun! I think I paint a bit thin though, but time will improve it all. Such a peaceful place.

I have been painting like a nutter at work, so here are some of my morning warmups to get into the good-painting-zone. I have found these studies really reduce the amount of ‘erase, start again’ that always happen when you try paint without being in the right mindset.

This is a study of a Zhaoming Wu Painting… so inspiring!

A quick still life… honing those painting skillz. I am amazed by how much you can learn by trying to paint a tissue.

And whilst showin a workmate some painting techniques… and being asked to put eyes on it, this happened….