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This is the by-product of a study I did for something at work. I imagined arriving at this place bag in hand expecting a nice hotel… lets hope it never happens!

A new one… somewhat different direction… more character based. Bit clishe, but fun none the less! Im drawing lots still, just not scanning much. This one all PS.

Something evil this time…
a quick speedy

I liked the dynamic dancing pose… form some dance off show. Thought I would do a quick study.

My Gnomon 2d competition entry for the theme ‘esgeroth’

This image of an orc trying to seduce someone came into my head… I had to get it out of there quick… here is the result!

This is a portrait of a boy I saw in someones holiday photos… I think from morocco someplace. I liked his expression 🙂

I made this out of a frame of an advert I am working on…. just a bit of silly fun.

Where id love to be… 🙂

Got to work on my composition…. quite lacking. 😛

Another portrait study from a photo… Think im going to start studying from life more… feels like im not thinking in faces/planes enough.

Injured in a forest, sheltering by some rocks…

I have another few paintings but I havent quite finished them so I will wait till I have.

A quick speedy trying to bring together some of the value key and texture brush learning iv been doing…

I have been trying to get my head around High/mid/low key value ranges and how a photo/reference can be interpreted and simplified into one of these three ranges… its so powerful as without them its hard to contrll all the incredible range of values in a landscape. Too many values can be messy if they dont live in the right heirarchy and this really helps set that up at the start of a painting!

I have been wanting to get textures into my painting for a very long time, but I always ended up just painting with a simple brush. That has allowed me to get better at just painting, but now, after being very much inspired by this guy: am starting to get back into textures… I even re-made a large portion of my brushes.

Anyway, here is my first BW painting using this more textural approach… I feel like its a bit of a turning point/breakthrough towards where I want to be.