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Category Archives: sketches

Some odds and ends Iv been up to lately:


First… an odd guy who ended up nailed to a plank for no particular reason. One of those where the painting kinda directs you.



Another one, started as a speedpaint and ended up as a teddybear massacre…


And lastly, a forest painting done in oils referencing an iphone pic I took a while back.

I took part in this years Illustration Masterclass and had a ball… what an incredible meeting of creative heads! It was so much fun and I really got into painting in oils… I have only really ever done plein air before this, so it was a very interesting experience. Here are all the steps the painting went through…

lifedrawing at the Society of Illustraitors in New York.

This one is a drawing I did for Ian McCaig’s workshop in sydney… This was an idea for a super intelligent rat from the Pied Piper of Hamlyn… SciFi style.

Here are some Sketchbook studies from life, photos and imagination. I have been trying to draw the same face from different angles and in different expressions.

These are some sketches for a story I have been working on for years… on and often off that is. I am beginning to explore the characters now, instead of just the world itself.